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Doll meet @ TCC

Had a dollmeet at Dhoby Gaut TCC yesterday~ My first time using the Canon EOS 450D outdoors as well and some of the focus was off when I was editing, I realised >_<" But I do love the colours though!

Some of the participants who came were sassystrawberry, raydance, ivoryfox, gothiquelolita, crucifixation_, i_am_kagetsuki, rockahippo, lightlybattered, lavenderlilz~~

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Baby Blues

Posted this photo for sd_sg's recent photo theme challenge. Which was 'eyes' incidentally. And since Lucinda has whopping 20mm eyesockets...

I have a thing for blue eyes. All my dolls have blue eyes in one shade or another~

Rosie at the park

Jun. 25th, 2008

Haven't updated in awhile, lol! But been very lazy to take photos of the family lately, oops~

Here's Lucinda to perk things up a bit?

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Dolpa 19~~~

So here's my Dolpa 19 photos. It was quite an experience! Having attended HK's Dollism Plus last year, I was keen to try Dolpa, the scion of BJD events.

I don't know if it's possible to compare Dollism and Dolpa together but Dolpa certainly is more overwhelming at all levels! The number of dealers at Dolpa far outweigh those at Dollism that's for sure. But Dollism has a more homey feel to it that's comfortable for the doll-shopper while Dolpa is very Volks-centric *duh!* and can be somewhat stressful, lol! My mind started to faze out at the 60th booth or so at Dolpa, heh. But I love the selection of wares at Dolpa. So MANY gorgeous outfits to die for. Just rows and rows and rows of superlatively wonderful things for all your doll's every needs!!

Also, thanks to bittenbefore, the Singapore contingent (haha!) managed to meet with some of the Volks upper management staff at Dolpa 19. They were extremely kind and pleasant and I really enjoyed meeting them =D It's nice when you get to meet the people behind the hobbies you love and find out a little bit about what goes on behind-the-scenes~~

More on the Dolpa experience and meeting the Volks staff at my blog.

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Museum meet photos

Finally putting up the dollmeet photos that erushi organised last Saturday and held at the Novus Cafe at the National Museum!

For those who read my regular LJ blog would know that I was having dizzy spells on and off on the day of the meet. So I wasn't really up to going around the tables and taking photos of the dollies. And there were so many lovely ones around too! So what I did was to attempt to snipe dolls who were placed further away from me using my telezoom lens instead, lol.

Jack Darcy's rep as a ladies' man is forever ruined by raydance's Kiki ;__;

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Chinese Gardens shoot

Oh dear, haven't updated this comm in awhile! Finally something to update with, hurhur. Went for a shoot at Chinese Gardens yesterday despite capricious weather. Brought Lucinda, Amelia and Rosetta along but mostly took photos of the first and the last as Amelia was being rather uncooperative, lol.

So the starter pic shall only be of Amelia~~

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V-Day, yo

I guess this is just in time for Valentine's Day, hah! =p I don't really consider myself a very romantic person when it comes to matters of amour but I like a good love story now and then. But it can't be mushy! No mushiness allowed!! Can be sweet but it has to be strong, unmushy romance like an oak tree that endures a hurricane!!

*sounds like 80 year old schoolmarm, yes she does*

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The Coming of Alessa (version: head)

I can't remember when I started thinking I wanted a dreaming doll but when I saw Reminisce Soah, I knew she would be perfect for me. There's something so...peaceful about dreaming dolls I suppose! And Reminisce Soah had such a sweet, gentle face that I would love to photograph~~~ When someone was selling a Reminisce Soah head on DoA, I decided let's do it and bought the head the very same day =@ =@

She fits the Domuya flexi-body which pleases me a lot since I wasn't sure it would be a match! I haven't decided if I'm going to get Alessa a body of her own due to space constraints and that I'm more likely to use Alessa for certain photos only. My mum would pitch a fit if I were to have another doll, lol. But I don't consider floating heads as full dolls so although Alessa has a name, she probably won't have a background to fit into the existing Rutherford-Python family *hic*

In any case, here's Alessa! I do hope you'll like her? Dreaming heads are quite under-rated I think, heh.

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Mr Darcy once more~~~

Poor Jack Darcy! He hasn't been out for awhile~~~ So here...he is? In his new minimal suit from Luts which cost me a pretty penny but it's very nice T_T

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Yes. Tiny.

From Dollsoom.


Rosetta T_TCollapse )

Nov. 26th, 2007

Drusilla needs MOAR rori dresses!! MOAR Big Bonnets!! MOAR lace everywhere!!

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